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THEMELIA Chouvardas S.A., based on 35 years experience, unique know-how and responsibility, constructs luxury residences and office/ retail properties having considered first of all customer's wishes and needs. The upwards moving of the company, through its qualitative and quantitative growth, mirrors the dynamic role established in the real estate development and construction which has made it distinguishes during the past four decades.

THEMELIA Chouvardas S.A. extends its activities in the Balkans materializing projects of proportional size. Investments both in residential and in office/ commercial constructions are expected of high value, as the company aims at confirming its reputation in the Balkans as a leading company in the development and construction field.

Our goal is a safe construction of high quality standards and classic perception of style. That goal is accomplished through the persistent and careful planning of all the primary and secondary goals, on which the company mission is based.

Total quality solutions, functionality and architectural style of the buildings as well as absolute respect to the nature are THEMELIA's main features. Outdoors and indoors architectural inspiration leads to the uniqueness of the buildings with priority to the principles of comfort and security.

By setting immaculate technical features, we incorporate the most reliable and latter-day technology. Our research and development headquarters study consistently the recent construction and security methods, and propose the most proper solutions as far as the construction of the projects is concerned. Research constitutes a vital part of the projects, since the new findings, without doubt, add value to our constructions.

Our advisory services are always oriented to the customer's desires' so that she/he chooses the right solution for her/ his needs. After sales support is a well established THEMELIA Chouvardas S.A. policy, in order to be close to the customer before and after the property purchase.


In 1972, an ambitious construction company was founded by Dimitris Chouvardas and changed the construction industry radically. In a short period of time, it was established as one of the top development and construction companies in luxury residences and office/ retail buildings.

In 1993, Dimitris Chouvardas' sons, Giorgos and Spyros, took over the management of the company, named THEMELIA Chouvardas S.A., and continued the founder's mission, giving a new profile to the company through fresh ideas and innovations.


Our philosophy is based on three main components: quality, inspiration, respect.

Quality arises from our organizational structure and converts into a prominent strategic asset of our properties. Experience and our people's skills regarding both the management team and the technical staff are included in the first -so called- quality level. Following, the equally important second level introduces technical standards, architectural studies and process management. Finally, quality is incorporated to the buildings construction supported by technologically excellent equipment and reliable materials.

Each construction constitutes one and only inspiration. Fresh architectural trends in combination with principles of the classic aesthetics are applied in an original way by our people with the goal to satisfy our customers' expectations.

For our company, respect has a threefold meaning. We respect our clients, who are always in charge. We respect the so called "green architecture", so that not only our commercial buildings and residences leave the original landscape untouched, but also benefit from nature virtues. We respect our people and plan all our in-house procedures based on the respect towards the human factor.

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